Moh Moh



Hello my name is Moh Moh.
After a few years in gastronomy, I discovered my passion for wellness- and sports massage.
I am looking forward to working with clients on a daily basis and looking forward to working with clients and taking the appropriate needs responsibly, sympathetically and patiently, but also meet with the necessary distance.
Please make an appointment with me via this website or with a call or SMS to my mobile.
I am looking forward to meeting you.

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Classic Massage
The classic massage influences skin, connective tissue and the muscles. The effect of the massage extends from the treated part of the body over the entire
organism and also includes the psyche. The massage reduces stress and improves the blood circulation, improves tissue metabolism, lowers blood pressure and relaxes the muscles. It solves adhesions and scars, improves wound healing and is pain-relieving.
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Crystal Stone Massage
In the stones, healing energy flows, and every stone speaks specifically to the physical, mental and spiritual area. Body, mind and soul are touched with this deep-acting massage.
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Bamboo Massage
By alternately massaging and tapping with the bamboo troughs you relax completely. The rhythm and the stimuli on the skin solve blockages in the body, mind and soul. The nerve cells of the skin are stimulated, the body is better circulated and can therefore purify well.
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Lava-Shell Massage
The warmth of the lava shell is soothing and ideal against muscle tension and supports stress relief. They will deepen themselves by the long-lasting self- warming of the lava shell as on a warm cloud. While the massage specifically treats the deep muscles, knots and stress points, the energy can flow again and the body and soul come to equilibrium.
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Foot- Reflexology Massage
Foot-Reflexology massage can alleviate symptoms and stimulate the self-healing.
It loosens the muscles and tendons, triggers blockages and increases blood flow and lymph drainage. In addition to pleasant relaxation, it also helps with chronic
and acute diseases. The reflexology of the foot reflexes assigns different areas in the foot to certain organs. As on a map the so-called reflex points are distributed
on the foot. A massage of these zones improves organ function and stimulates the healing powers.
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Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian)
This whole-body massage, which is used with a lot of coconut oil, lasts 1.5 – 2 hours. The massage movements are flowing and slightly rocking and it is massaged with hands and the entire forearm, including the elbow. The movements are fluent and slightly rocking and can vary in strength. So it can be very gentle and soothing, but also demanding to go into pain to resolve low tensions. Afterwards the front part of the body is going to be massaged, whereby the belly is regarded as a place of the feelings and the memories, whereby body,
mind and soul are harmoniously and comfortably united.
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Sports Massage
The sports massage is a supplement to the classic massage. Here you use the handles of the classical massage, as well as other supplements, and addresses the needs of the athlete and the special problems of sport. Based on the fact that active athletes are more robust, the massage is performed accordingly more vigorously and thus the body is prepared for an imminent physical stress and blood circulation. Cramps developed during sports can be treated with the stretching movements, which are part of the sports massage, so that the muscles relax and regenerate.


– Classic Massage: CHF 105.- / Stunde

– Crystal Massage: CHF 110.- / Stunde

– Bamboo Massage: CHF 110.- / Stunde

– Lava-Shell Massage: CHF 110.- / Stunde

– Foot- Reflexology Massage: CHF 85.- / 45 min

– Lomi Lomi Massage: CHF 185.- / 1 ½ Stunden

– Sport Massage: CHF 110.- / Stunde

– Each 15 Minuten costs CHF 25.– extra

All the payments and invoices are made by each self-employed and not by Maykai.


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Tiba Sana

Telephone number: +41 (0) 76 589 01 13

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