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As emphatic and sensitive people we have always been interested in spiritual topics and in recent years experienced this way as fulfilling.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way – Buddha

This wisdom accompanies us for a Long time on our way of life. Happiness and satisfaction Begins in us and is reflected in the outside. If you are ready to go this inner way as well as to experience deep inner relaxion, are we very happy to accompany you on your way of life.

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Energetic therapy (Reiki)

Reiki is an old holistic healing methode that balances the natural vitality and energy of the body. Let the everyday life rest for a while and immerse yourself in the healing power of Reiki energy. Your body, mind and soul are brought back into harmony and albance throgh effective energy treatment.

– energy balance and harmonization

– solution of energetic and emotional blocks

– de-stressing

– better quality of life

– strenghtening the immune system

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Energetic massage – Tara Mana

The Tara Mana massage is an energetic and physical back massage focusing mainly on the back muscles.
With the Tara Mana massage blockades can be solved on the energetic and physical level. This massage brings balance between the plevis and neck again.

–   imrovement of the back posture

–   relief of back pain also applicable to sciatica, herniated disc and osteoporosis

–   soothing, relaxing and harmonizing effect on body and soul

–   de-stressing

–   better body feeling

–   pain relif

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Energetic sclerotherapy

Since scars can cause a varietly of blockages in the energy flow, this energetic treatment has the flowwing advantages:

–   limited or blocked life energy can flow freely again

–   self-healing powers are supported and activated

–   scar tissue on hardenend scars becomes softer

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Energetic oil massage San Nyeg

The tan back massage San Nye is a very gentle massage that dissolves pure energetic blockades trough its soft flowing movements with abudant warm oil.

It feels like a caressing massage, bringing serenity and deep inner peace. This triggers feelings of security and acceptance (in itself). You feel a deep inner peace and can let your soul really dangle.

–     ideal for pain patients

  • de-stressing
  • pain relief
  • ideal for highly sensitive
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Energetic SPA

Treat yourself to an energetic relaxtion bath with homemde bath alts and essential oils. The composition of the essences will be individually adaped to your needs.

The energetic relaxation bath can be combined with any treatment or massage on request for relaxation and well-being at the highest level.

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Energetic SPA & massage – romance for couples or cozy women (for 2 people)

Pure pampering and soothing relaxation for body and soul.

Feel-good offer:

  • energetic SPA
  • Tara Mana or San Nye massage
  • delicious culinary snacks on choice, fruits, champagne
  • relaxing music
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– Energetic therapy Reiki : CHF 120.- / 60 min

nergy balance and harmonization, solution of energetic and emotional blocks, de-stressing

– Energy therapy Reiki : CHF 60.- / 30 min

-Energetic scar suppression : CHF 100.- / bis 1 Stunde

limited or blocked life energy can flow again

– Tara Mana Massage : CHF 120.- / 60 min

Imroved of the back posture, better body feeling, de-stressing

– San Nye Massage : CHF 120.- / 60 min

Ideal for pain patients and highly sensitive, de-stressing, pain relief

– Energetische SPA : CHF 80.- / 30 min

Bath with homemade bath salts and essential oils. The composition of the essences will be individually adaped to your needs.

– Energetic SPA with massage or energetic therapy : CHF 160.- / 90 min

– Romantic or women SPA & Massage: CHF 380.- / 3 ½ hours

2 Persons

  • Energetic SPA
  • Tara Mana or San Nye massage
  • Delicious culinary snacks on choice, fruits, champagne
  • Relaxing music

– Mediation for adult (starting January 2018): CHF 25.-

– Mediation for kids (starting January 2018): CHF 15.-

All the payments and invoices are made by each self-employed and not by Maykai.


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Free Spirit Energy

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