MayKai, is a one stop wellness and beauty centre for women and men who want convenience, wellness, beauty and relaxation under one roof – founded by two very driven and passion but different stylists Mayná and Andrea.

Our motto is “beauty comes from inside”.   It’s something we feel very passionate about – in fact, it’s why MayKai was created.

To fulfil and collaborate with other passionate and committed professionals. All experts in our fields. Our design styles are different but we work well together.

When we where working individually we discovered something very interesting.

Women were asking us to make them look like other people – celebrities, actresses and models. They seemed dissatisfied with how they looked and, instead of wanting to discover their own beauty, they yearned to be like someone else.

This really troubled us. We wanted to enable women to celebrate and feel positive about their authentic selves. We wanted their own beauty to be a reflection of how they felt inside as well as out.

We were used to perfecting make-up looks and creating gorgeous hair and nails. We understood that facials and skincare were important to produce a smooth canvas to work from. And our customers knew that too. But we wanted to go further.

We knew that massage and yoga can help people relax, regenerate and find an inner peace and that holistic treatments can de-stress – bringing back balance and harmony.

And so our solution and idea was to launch something Switzerland does not have because we believe we are extraordinary. A wellness and beauty centre was born – a place where women could begin to feel beautiful again from the inside-out. We believe every woman is already beautiful we simply help them to magnify it for them.

Because we were aware of our unique one stop wellness and beauty concept, myself and Andrea where now going to fulfil this vision. We embarked on a journey to find the right therapists and beauticians to make MayKai work.

The dream was that we would all work together as a community – and this was exciting, without fear of competition but instead with the mindset we can all input in magnifying each client that walks through into the MayKai centre.

With this in mind, we needed the right freelancers who would share our vision. Not only did we want experience and talent, we wanted people with real confidence. The confidence to be able to work in a team, sharing ideas and customers, being super-collaborative – just as Andrea and I were.

It was challenging, but we did find our expert team and when MayKai opened its doors in 2016, it was incredible. The idea of combining beauty with therapy had spread quickly and proved very popular. We put the individual right at the heart of everything we offered – and we were able to offer a personalised approach that was transforming.

Behind the doors at MayKai is a place where you can relax, rethink and reconnect with yourself. A place where everyone is individual and special. And where beauty truly comes from the Inside-Out.

Visit us some time!

Mayná and Andrea

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Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make you feel even more beautiful inside and outside

Andréa Sigrist

MayKai Management

Make-up artist & Hairstylist

Microblading artist

MayKai Beauty Academy Instructor

Mayná Martínez

MayKai Management

Make-up artist & Hairstylist

MayKai Beauty Academy Instructor